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February 04, 2023

Privacy Policy & Terms Of Services
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Privacy Policy

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December 10, 2022

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February 4, 2023

When you use one of our websites or one of our web services, you are putting your trust in Sourch Technologies, and we value that. We have established a long long-lasting lasting reputation for harnessing technology and data to provide everyone we serve with openness, integrity, and efficiency. Making sure you comp comprehend rehend the information we gather, how we use it, and the potential sharing of it is a part of our dedication to transparency and integrity.
When you visit our websites, use our mobile and online applications, or call us on the phone, we may collect and use personal information about you in accordance with our Sourch Technologies Privacy Policy ("Policy"). "We" and "our" refer to Sourch Technologies throughout this policy, and "you" and "your" refer to anybody using one of our websites, services, or applications.

What exactly is peronal data?

By "personally identifiable information," we mean details that, alone or in combination with other identifying data, can be used to find, identify, or get in touch with you. De-identified De or aggregated consumer data as s well as information legally obtained from public records do not constitute personal information.
This Sourch Technologies privacy policy includes charts for each service that detail the categories of personal data that Sourch Technologies gathers and the purposes for which Sourch Technologies uses that data for business.

Utilizing our Website & Services

Sourch Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the owner and operator of this website as well as every tool and service on our websites. You agree to the practices outlined in this policy by using Sourch Technologies Private Limited. www.Sourchtech.com, licensing our products and services, and using the collectively referred to as "Services" ("Products" and "Services"). Any Sourch Technologies websites or services that link directly to this policy, display this policy, or otherwise make it clear that it applies (collectively referred to as "Sites and Services") are subject to this policy. A non-disclosure agreement or other terms may apply to "preview," "beta," "promotional," or other comparable sorts of non-standard or early-release software, services, or websites. Some software, websites, or services provided by businesses other than Sourch Technologies may be subject to different policies that belong to those businesses. You consent to this Privacy Policy by accessing or using Sourch Technologies sites and services covered by this Policy. Do not access or use our Sites or Services if you do not agree with this Policy. You authorize acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed in this Policy by continuing to use Sourch Technologies sites and services.

Collection Notice

We want you to be aware that we gather personal data both actively and passively, and that we frequently acquire data from outside sources. This means that when you use our Sites and Services, we may occasionally ask you for personally identifiable information in order for you to complete certain tasks, such as signing up for our services, uploading photographs, etc. Additionally, when a user uses one of our sites or uses one of our services, such sites or services may passively gather personally identifiable information as required to maintain the viability of those sites or services for our users. In order to ensure that submissions are delivered accurately and that you have appropriate access to any Sourch Technologies service you purchase, for instance, this is a necessary step. Finally, we obtain data from legally disclosed government records, such as information about final price submissions that government agencies (third-party sources) provide to us and that Sourch Technologies uses to include in the Services. Collecting for Business Purpose

Collecting for Commercial Purpose

For use in our services and for selling, we obtain publicly accessible information from both government and non-government organizations.
We also bundle publicly accessible data that organizations post and sell to data resellers. Users that scrape data from Sourchtech.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn pages, of Sourch Technologies in violation of the Sites and Services Terms of Use will be dealt with by Sourch Technologies using technical and/or legal remedies. To submit a request to opt out of personal information being shared with third parties, submit the form on our website or mail us at info@sourchtech.com

Notice of Access and Sharing

Personal Information Required to Use Services

You must give some personal information in order to sign up for a Sourch Technologies service. You must provide personal information to each Sourch Technologies Service as required by the licensing agreement or terms of use in order to create an account and enjoy each service to its full potential. In order to protect your privacy and give you as much control as possible over who has access to and how your personal information is shared, Sourch Technologies always puts your security first when designing its sites and services.
User-Controlled Access to Personal Information and Data
You can upload data and submit personal information to specific Sourch Technologies sites and services, and you can decide who has access to that data and information. You can enter data and manage access to it, for instance, using the Sourch Technologies Services. You can choose who has access to and control over your data.
Sourch Technologies won't have access to this information unless the licensee directly authorizes it.
Unless Sourch Technologies needs to or is required to do so in order to
(a) comply with the law when there is a clear, unmistakable legal duty to do so;
(b) protect the property or rights of Sourch Technologies or our clients, including the enforcement of our agreements or policies governing your use of the services; or
(c) act in a good faith belief that such access or disclosure is necessary to. Sourch Technologies Access to Personal Information and Data We may have access to or disclose your information if we reasonably believe that doing so is necessary to:
(a) comply with the law when there is a clear, unambiguous legal obligation to do so;
(b) protect the property or rights of Sourch Technologies or our customers, including by enforcing our agreements or policies governing your use of the services; or
(c) act in a manner that is consistent with our good faith belief that doing so is necessary to protect the personal safety of Sourch Technologies employees As part of a corporate transaction, such as a merger or the sale of assets, we may also share personal information, but only to the extent necessary to comply with a clear legal obligation and protect the confidentiality of the information.

What We Share with Third Parties

Sourch Technologies may reveal any gathered personal data to outside parties. Sourch Technologies has no control over the data that third parties, such as social networking platforms or advertisements, may gather when you access one of our websites or services through them. Users need to be aware of how they access the websites and services of Sourch Technologies and whether the owner of the access point is gathering or selling your information.

Right to Know

You have the right to seek access to certain categories of personal data that have been gathered about you in the year leading up to the date of your request. The categories of personal data that have been gathered about you are among these disclosures.

  • The kind of sources that are used to gather personal data.
  • The categories of third parties with whom the firm has shared the personal information;
  • The business or commercial purposes for collecting or selling personal information.
  • The categories of personal information released for commercial purposes;
  • The categories of personal information sold;
  • The categories of third parties to whom the personal information was sold.

Right to Request Deletion

You have the right to request that we remove your personal data. We will remove any personal information that was obtained illegally from federal, state, or local government data and was not kept for a purpose that was authorized by the Consumer Privacy Act (CPA) or a comparable statute after verifying your request. Among the permitted uses are:

Notice of Right to opt Out

You have the right to refuse the sale or disclosure of any of your personal information that comes from a governmental source, is not made publicly available, and is not kept for a CPA- or similar law-permitted use. For users and their authorized agents to opt out, evaluate, and seek changes to their communication choices, Sourch Technologies offers a number of ways. Here’s how to opt out:
  • Submit the form at www.sourchtech.com/contact
  • Call Sourch Technologies directly at +919469179239
  • Clicking unsubscribe or contacting us via the footer of a marketing email.
  • Note: If you have provided more than one email address to us, you may continue to be contacted unless you request to unsubscribe each email address you have provided.


Our accountability:

Your data's security is a priority for Sourch Technologies. To create and audit our security processes, we adhere to National Institute of Guidelines and Technology (NIST) and other national cyber security and privacy standards. To assist safeguard your information from unauthorized use, access, or disclosure; we implement a number of security technologies and procedures. As an illustration, we keep the information we gather in facilities that are under stringent administrative and physical control. We always encrypt important information before transmitting it over the internet.

Your responsibility:

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your data and the security of your internet connection if a username and/or password are used to help safeguard your accounts and data. Never divulge this information to anyone. Always log out before leaving a Sourch Technologies Site

Cookies, Behavior Display Ads, Retargeting Ads

At Sourch Technologies, we value openness when it comes to how we gather data from users of our websites and services. To enhance your experience on our sites, Sourch Technologies may use cookies and other similar technology. We use this data to personalize communications, examine usage, assess success, and foster user trust. These features, for instance, enable us to pre-populate your username for quicker login, offer user-specific messaging, or enable advertising customized to your apparent interests. Web trackers, which are transparent electronic images that help transmit cookies to our sites and enable us to count people who have visited particular pages, may also be used on our site. Web trackers could be used in our newsletters or promotional communications.
By continuing to visit or use our sites or services, you agree to the use of cookies and similar technologies for these purposes.
This is how cookies assist us in tracking website analytics:
To keep track of visitor trends on our website, Sourch Technologies makes use of a third-party website analytics provider. In order to track site visitors, the service Google Analytics places a cookie on your computer. A cookie is a small, individual text file. The data gathered is used by Sourch Technologies to improve your browsing experience. The cookie is just used for tracking and is not used to collect or share any personally identifying data. Visit http://www.google.com/analytics/ for additional details about Google Analytics.
On our social media, the following describes how behavior display advertisements, retargeting ads, and targeting cookies operate:
Facebook Cookies: For the sake of targeted group-oriented remarketing and advertising, Sourch Technologies may use the pixel function of Facebook Custom Audiences to identify people who have arrived on particular pages of Sourchtech.com. A cookie is stored by the Facebook pixel, which means that Facebook will be informed of your visit to our site. Additionally, other personal information (such a phone number, email address, or Facebook ID) may be shared with Facebook in a protected form as part of the enhanced matching feature Facebook has implemented. When users who have previously visited our site are on Facebook or another platform enabled by Facebook Advertising, these cookies and the data they collect are used to establish target groups to assist Facebook distribute advertisements on our behalf to those users. To adjust your preferences, navigate to Settings/Adverts in your Facebook account. For more information on Facebook’s cookie policy, visit https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/.
LinkedIn Targeting Cookies: To track visitors coming from the LinkedIn social networking platform, we may utilize LinkedIn Insight Tags on various pages of our website. The LinkedIn Insight Tag, a little piece of JavaScript code, is placed to our website in order to enable campaign reporting and give us information about site visitors. Visit https://www.linkedin.com/legal/l/cookie-table for additional details on LinkedIn's cookie policy.
Here’s how web beacons and cookies work with our third-party vendors:
Third Party Vendors: Sourch Technologies may on occasion employ other businesses or contractors to carry out certain tasks for us, such as handling mailings, providing technical support, hosting a website, handling payments, or doing statistical research on our websites or services. Only the information necessary for them to offer the service that has been agreed upon will be allowed to those service providers. By agreement, they are obligated to keep the information private and are forbidden from using it for any other reason than providing the service to Sourch Technologies in compliance with our standards. However, in order to enhance their services, our vendors may use aggregate data for fraud detection.
Third Party Technologies: In order to deliver adverts to you while you are on our sites, third parties, including ad servers, ad networks, and data exchanges (collectively, "advertisers"), may set or recognize a special cookie on your computer or use other technologies. Additionally, marketers may employ technology to gather data about your web surfing habits on our sites, which they may combine with data they have already gathered. The privacy policy of Sourch Technologies does not cover how marketers may use the data you voluntarily give them or that they may obtain from you. Please see our opt-out and cookie rules for details on how to prevent receiving specific behavioral adverts.
Social Media Widgets: Our website occasionally uses widgets, such as interactive mini-programs, and social media elements, such the Facebook Like and Share buttons. In order for these services to work correctly, we may need to gather your IP address, the website page(s) you are visiting, and maybe a cookie. Social media tools and widgets are either hosted on our website or by a third party. The privacy statement of the firm offering these features will govern how you interact with them.

Your Cookie Choices

You can choose to opt-out of our use of cookies by setting your browser to not accept cookies. It’s important to note that by manually opting out of the use of cookies, you may significantly decrease your overall experience with our Sites and Services and remove your ability to create a customized experience.

Right to Non-Discrimination for Exercising Your Privacy Rights

Sourch Technologies will never discriminate against you for exercising any of your CCPA rights described in this Privacy Policy. Unless permitted by the CCPA, we will not:

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

In order to comply with or adjust to upcoming legal, technological, or commercial developments, Sourch Technologies may need to amend this, Policy. Sourch Technologies will give you further notice if these changes have an impact on how we gather and utilize your personal information.
There is always a note at the start of the policy stating the most recent revision date. You can review previous iterations of the Policy right here.

Contact Us

For more information about this Privacy Policy, please see us Contact Us page or email info@sourchtech.com.

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